About Us


To Be the TOP PLAYER in Infrastructure Industry in Malaysia


Building & Connecting A Better Future


Building infrastructure and human characters.


Connecting the facilities to all areas. Employee connecting each other with love and care.

Better Future

Bring convenience and comfort to mankind. Material and spiritual happiness for employee.

Jati Tinggi’s Core Values

Work Harder Than Any Others

Be Humble, Do Not Be Arrogant

Everyday Review Ourselves

Be Appreciative to All

Ready to Help People

No Emotional Disturbance


JATI Tinggi Holding Sdn. Bhd. (JATI) was established in year 2003. From the beginning, we focused in Putrajaya’s development. We involved in the construction of power cable manhole and ducting systems, substations, power cable erection and energization, street lighting. Subsequently we had expanded our works in power cable erection to all the states in West Malaysia. We had also worked at Fiber Optic cable implementation for the main telecommunication services providers in Malaysia. We had also involved in the construction of MRT & LRT.

Our Directions
Our business must have steady growth even though during any economy recession, and the business chosen must be affordably in higher volume with shorter sale cycle. Thus, making a RIGHT choice is more important than merely work hard.
These are the directions given by the founder of the company. Being that, we choose to join the industry which has “Recession-Proof” characteristic. The industries targeted by our company are Infrastructure, Energy, Waste Management, Education, Basic Food and Healthcare. We understand these are the basic needs for human and its sales largely depends on human population instead of economy performance. Thus, choosing the right direction will increase the probability of positive growth.

Our Info Backbone
From the beginning, JATI has started and developed its ERP systems to tackle projects from tendering, planning, awarding, implementation and completion. We always upkeep our information systems with latest and advance technology to improve the efficiency in managing our projects.

Be Appreciative
There is no magic, but basic. JATI cultivates the business in careful but daring manner. We are thankful for our Clients’, Suppliers’, Bankers’ and employees’ continuous support. Lastly, we strongly believe that business entities must not just measure the monies, but must create the added values to the community.