About Us


We are an established infrastructure utilities engineering solutions provider.  We primarily support the electricity supply industry in Malaysia.

We are technically capable and equipped to install electrical and telecommunication lines while meeting the daily challenges of time, environment and project complexity.  Our seasoned project team can undertake projects of various size and complexities.

Our areas of expertise are:
• Underground and overhead electricity distribution;
• Underground and overhead electricity transmission; and
• Underground fibre optic cabling systems for mobile networks.

About Us

Jati Tinggi Group Berhad is an investment holding company that provides engineering solutions for infrastructure utilities. We engage in the provision of engineering services and solutions for overhead and subsurface utilities primarily through our wholly-owned subsidiary. In addition to street lighting services, we also offer substation EPCC services and equipment trading for substations. 

Our Company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Act on 21 December 2021 as a private limited company under the name of Jati Tinggi Group Sdn Bhd and was subsequently converted to a public limited company on 7 October 2022.

In 2003, we subsequently began to pursue and participate in tendering opportunities for the provision of underground utilities engineering services primarily for main contractors serving the electricity supply industry in Malaysia. During the year, we also began developing our inhouse ERP, which has over the years, evolved into a project management tool that we use to manage resource allocation, logistics, workflow scheduling and progress for our projects in an effective and efficient manner

As our organisation grows, we developed an appreciation for the importance of technological tools and solutions in the context of project management and delivery.


To Be the TOP PLAYER in Infrastructure Industry in Malaysia


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Building infrastructure and human characters.


Connecting the facilities to all areas. Employee connecting each other with love and care.

Better Future

Bring convenience and comfort to mankind. Material and spiritual happiness for employee.

Jati Tinggi’s Core Values

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